Friday, February 23, 2007

Fevers and headaches

Cheyanne and Tiana have been passing back and forth the same cold for a week. When does this stop? This last weekend Tiana was so sick and didn't want to talk to anybody, but all Cheyanne wanted to do was hold her hand and be with her. It is very hard to keep those two apart. For the last couple of days Cheyanne has had a fever of 102 at night, but during the day the fever goes down and she just seems really congested. We went to the doctor, and he gave us some antibiotics but they didnt really work so we are off to the doctor again tomorrow. Today Cheyanne and Tiana are sick together. Both of them in the same room. They slept all day and surprisingly enough, it is night time and they are still sleeping.

Cheyanne's eating problem took a break since they have been sick. This really puts everything on hold because I can understand when you feel that way you don't really want to eat. I'm hoping though that it was a temporary thing.

When cheyanne was little and she got sick, we were very nervous. She had a tracheostomy at the time and my husband and I were experts at changing that trach out and cleaning it and such. Now thinking about it, I can't imagine carrying around the suction machine any more and carrying all of the supplies that we had to order monthly. It all seems so far away. I am grateful for everything God has put into our hands, even though they were extremely hard, He has made us better parents in return..

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